Text 22 Sep Guillermo Gómez Rivera

Guillermo Gómez Rivera

Un hispanista, he is Don Quijote,
Sancho Panza without sombrero;
The insular combination of both,
Un gran hispanista de las islas filipinas,
He is the memento of Madre España,
The Conundrum of Gibraltar,
The Passion of the flamenco,
Faith in El Cristo de Velázquez,
Mystery in Goya´s Maja Desnuda,
Defiance in Picasso´s Guernica,
Amor y pedagogía de Unamuno,
El Escorial de Felipe II:
La suerte en la corrida de toros.

Un hispanista, he can be El Cid
When, armed only with a laptop,
He gallops Rosinante to the battlefield
To wipe out vestiges of leyendas negras,
As Dulcinea, adorned with rubies and gold,
Dances the paso doble with lissome bailaoras.

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